Interview of JEAN-CHARLES SKARBOWSKY by Serge TREFEU (2006)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Jeannot,  does that go you have good shape?

Jean-Charles SKARBOWSKY: Yes that alright

You training always also hard and always in Jocky Gym in Bangkok?

Yes always

You said to me it has been one year that you wanted to become “ Khrou ” (master) in art muay Thai which you practise, is what  is always the way which you are?

Yes, I will open a gym of boxing soon on Bangkok…

Can you quote me a name which is a reference as a Master of muay Thai?

Trainers of Jocky Gym, Pipa and Pidet (former great champion of Thailand) Which difference is there for you enters a Master and a trainer?


During weren't year 2005 you has many fight, ten fights against champion of the muay Thai, if was necessary to remember a fight, which fight preferred you?

All. There were evenings better than others but if I boxing it’s all…

You lose twice with the first round while boxing with foreign (New Zealand and France), that seldom you arrives to Thailand, you have a technical explanation has this defeat?

I lost but I was stopped by the doctor once and another time I am made count three times. I wanted to make too well in front of the public. Everyone wanted to see me gaining in New-Zealand and especially in France. It made some too much with the presentation, “ Skarbowsky the legend of Thai boxing… ” that put the pressure to me a little. Then, instead of managing these fight, I wanted to shorten immediately by seeking the K.O…

Now, in Europe, especially in France the fight in muay Thai are done obligatorily with protections with the elbows, think you that denature Thai boxing?

Yes, in fact they is more dangerous. The fight against Khider, the protection elbow grated me the face and snatch the scalp. They had ever seen this kind of wound in Thailand…

You believe there will be one day in France a professional structure parallel to that muay Thai amateur in boxing, a little as Boxing?

I do not know

The Thai boxing is practised more and more in the whole world, how the champion’s Thai perceive them that, they are content or indifferent?

They are content, it is an honour for them…

You met 5 times Khunsuk, it is this step a little frustrating to fight as much time the same adversary?

No it is a pleasure. At the beginning, it me impressed but after every fight that I met it, I each time said “I am better than him” and mentally it is what me made it possible to beat it. For our last fight, I completely dominated…

Your natural category of weight is 63/64 kg but you also boxing in - 72 kg. You are practically one of only fighter of planet to constantly make the change with your weight, is what it is to more often fight or by challenges?

It is to more often fight…

At the beginning of 2006 you beat by K.O the champion of Radja of - 70 kg (Lamsongkram) whereas this is not your category, it is a beautiful performance. Would like you to meet it again?

Not especially

The champion of Radja - is 140 lbs (- 64 kg) Bernung S.Onechart and the champion of Lumpinee - 140 lbs is Phetnumaik S.Siriwat, is what you know them?


Think you of having opportunity of meeting one of these two champions for a belt?

Can be. Most important it is not to have the belt but to have a name. It is what refers in Thailand especially. Currently, the best and most known they are ANUWAT and SAENCHAI

There is why if little foreign which has honour to dispute a belt of Radja or Lumpinee, that has what according to you? (Only three foreigners fought for a belt of Radja or one for Lumpinee, Japanese FUJIWARA, in 1978, victorious in Radja, other Japanes victory in 2000, French SARI in 1999, victorious in Lumpinee and French NIKIEMA in 1999, losing in Lumpinee)

Because it is necessary to be independent or pay. A promoter does not want to invest without risk. The guy who with the belt must remain in Thailand and fight again often for the title, for the promoter…

Would a belt of champion of Thailand bring back a great notoriety to you but is what the financial recognition would follow afterwards?

That I never arrived, I do not know…

That made several year that you are installed in Thailand, France is still not missed?

I go there in one month

You would like to teach your art muay Thai in France later?

Yes or in Thailand

You are much attached to the culture Thai, one often sees you holding up the portrait of the King at the time of fight, it is important for you of to impregnate local culture or you life?

Yes much

Practically all your fights in Bangkok your Master tattoo (Master Kew) has is present, it is brings what, a spiritual force?

Yes, even when it is not there, I have these tattooing on me…

You would love boxing in the circuit of K1 in Japan?

Not really

Did Jocky Gym become famous in the world and especially in France, the gym is not invaded too much by the foreigners?

Not, there are of them some which come to training a few days but very little remain a long time…

Teddy Guillemet of Tago Gym of Toulouse has a pupil who training himself in Jocky Gym, Anthony FIORELLI, you know it?


A young man farang (Foreign) who makes some fights in Thailand without being in the circuit of Radja or of Lumpinee it has chances of fight in one of these two stadiums?

Yes. There are all the levels of fights. This is not forcing that champions who boxing it low. That depends on organized evening

You were classified Number 1 in your category in Radja, currently you are classified number 4, only a foreign fighter which saw and fight permanently on the ground people of Thailand as can be to you classified in stadiums?

One regularly needs boxing in only a category

According to you to be is champion of Lumpinee or Radja same equivalent to be world champion?

Nobody is invincible. All the boxers are champions. You can lose several fights sharp and beat the champion a stadium, to then charm his belt to him on a fight…

Is Thailand a little the country of the paradox because a few boxers became a time or for always monks (non-violent) even former large fighter French Fabrice PAYEN was, would like you with future to test this mystical experiment?

I’m interest in Buddhism but I am Orthodox before any

Jean-Charles Kop Khoun maak khrap (thank you very much)?

Thank you



SIZE: 1,73 cm

WEIGHT: Between 64 and 67 to see 72 kg


Number of fight: 97 fights, 74 wins, 20 losses, 2 draws, 50 K.O!

TITLES: 3 times Europe Champion, Number 1 the Radja stadium in 2003 and 2006, and Number 4 in 2005 (Japanese great champion FUJIWARA, in 1978, took down a belt of Radja and one other Japanes Champion in 2000 as a not Thai, no other foreigners was classified Number 1 in Radja, the French Fabrice PAYEN was classified Number 3 in Radja in the Nineties)




Lumpinee Stadium