Serge TREFEU: Hello Sangtiennoi how are you?

SANGTIENNOI: Very well thank you

How old are you

I am 42 years old

Where you grew in Thailand?

I come from Pathumthani, it is not very far from Bangkok (approximately 40 km)

Are you married, have you children?

I am married since 18 years and I have two boys. The first is 17 year and the second is 5 years. My son of 17 year made of Muay Thai and gained the belt S1 in heavyweight, his name is "Moses" (N°7 in Radja)

Have you brothers and sisters?

Yes we are four children in the family

You had brothers who practiced Muay Thai?

Not I was the only one to make of the boxing…

Child, you were a brawler or at all?

Yes very brawler. I often fought at the school…

Towards what age you began the boxing?

I began in 13 years. I would have wanted begun earlier but my parents at the beginning did not want that I made of Muay Thai…

How did you discover Muay Thai?

When I was children, I often saw the boxers running near in my home. I wondered what they made. One day I followed them and I discovered their trainings. I liked at once Muay Thai!

You began then in this camp near to you?

Yes as he was right by to me I began here to Pathumthani. The camp was called Lukbaanadi. Later I went to the camp Sitsurapong

How much have you make of fights for the camps of Pathumthani?

About 60 fights

Towards what age you went to Bangkok?

At about 18 years to the camp Lukmingkwan to Nonthaburi (Suburb of Bangkok)

You stayed for a long time in this camp?

About 15 years…

You had your own room in this camp?

Yes I had my personal room

What are the titles which you gained during your career?

I took three belts. Of neighborhoods the belt of Radja - Of 60 kg, I was only 20 years old. Then 10 years later the belt of Lumpinee - 65 kg and World Champion WMC's belt of - 65 kg in Australia!

What are the opponents whom you beat for the belt of Radja and Lumpinee?

For the belt of Radja I beat Jack Kiatniwat and for that of the Lumpinee Keng Singnakonkuay. They was great fighter of time…

What are the known fighters that you faced during your career?

I faced many of the big fighter, Nokweed Devy, Chanchai sor Thamrangsii, Wanpadet Phukrongfaa, Chamoipet Haphalang, Namphon Nongkeepahuyuth, Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyuth, Cherry Sor Vanich, Orono por Muangubon, Superlek Sornisaarn, Samkor Kiatmonthep, Teurd Kiet, Sakmongkol, Neungtrakarn Por Muang Ubon etc... 

And foreign champions?

The most known were Hassan Kassrioui, Danny Bill and Ramon Dekkers. With Ramon who was the foreign star of time one it is three times met, I won twice and he once won, it was at him in Holland…

And with Danny Bill, you fought how many times?

I met him twice, I once won and he once won at points…

What was your hardest fight in front of all these champions?

I had a lot of hard fight but I would say one of most hard it was against Nokwee Devy. But against Danny Bill and Sakmongkol it was also difficult…

How many have you make of fight?

I have make more than 200 fights with about 150 victories!

You gained fights by KO?

Yes I had a lot of fight gained by KO. I shall not be to say to you exactly how much…

How much you have make of fights for the stadium of Lumpinee?

50 fights

And in the stadium of Radja?

even more, in Radja I have make 80 fights!

What was your fighter's style?

I am a fighter who advances all the time, I take a hit and I walk in front of my opponents without moving back …

In front of opponents with a little the same style as Orono Por Muangubon or Ramon Dekkers, it has of to make of big fight?

Yes of terrible war!

Your best memory of boxing so far?

My victory against Nokwee Devy because in the time it was N°1 in Thailand, I was the champion of the Radja and was him a champion of the Lumpinee!

Did you often fight abroad?

Yes I fought in Holland, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Japan and in Croatia

And in France?


Do you know French nakmuays?

I know well Dida

For you who were the best foreigners in the time?

It was Ramon Dekkers and also Danny Bill

And today?

Not I do not see, since Ramon Dekkers in Thailand there was no foreigner so strong as him…

And in Thailand it is who the best at present?

It is Seanchai Sor Kingstar, very big technician!

Where from comes to you this nickname "The Deadly Kisser" ?

I was in the habit during at the end of my fights to kiss my opponents on the cheek or the forehead, it was a way to mark my victory…

You had favorite techniques when you fought?

I liked very much low kicks and middles but especially knocks of knees

Today you stopped your career for a long time that do you make?

I went up my own camp which belongs to Pathumthani

You have many of nakmuays in your camp?

I have about a dozen boxers. I have so many foreigner which come to train in my gym, Japanese, Italian, Canadians, Americans…

You played in the French movie CHOOKDEE of Dida, can you speak to us about it?

It remains a very good memory the shooting of this film. I played the role of Kaokor which was one of the trainers of Dida in the film. Dida is a very good friend to me. I say him moreover hello by means of this interview

Thank you very much for this interview and CHOOKDEE to your boxers

Thank you


Sangtiennoi makes left the legends of Muay Thai of part its long career and its courage to the fight. During the highlight of his career he was among those who got the biggest bourse of the circuit with sums exceeding widely 200 000 baths!

He beat champions such Nockweed Davy, Chamoiphet, Kiatniwat, Chandej Saw Prantale, Sakmongkol, Orono, Teurdkiet, Namphon, Namakabuan, Cherry, Neungtrakarn, Dekkers, Kassrioui, Danny Bill!




Weight: 65 Kg


Height: 1m75


Number of fight: 200 fights. 150 wins. 50 Losses


Title: Lumpinee Champion. Radja Champion. World Champion WMC





Lumpinee Stadium