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The food of the sportsman is essential for the evolution of his exploit, it's one of the main dynamics to obtain big performances.

A high-level boxer constantly has to pay attention on his lifestyle, he does not have to eat anything, make well-balanced meals, and well choose food rich in proteins. Because a high-level sportsman consumes on average 3500 calories a day contrary to a sportsman normal who consumes only 2500 calories!

In Thailand, the professional boxers really have no follow-up by a nutritionist like many sportsmen in Europe. They eat to the everyday life the same meal as they consume since their childhood because the Thai cooking has a healthy and varied food. Only slight drawback in this healthy cooking, it's the sometimes very spicy dishes which often eat Thai. The hot pepper facilitates the digestion at the stomach level, but can turn out irritating for the intestinal mucous membrane and to pull in the long run heartburns...



The Thai diet consists of rice, green vegetables, white meats, fishes and fruits. And contrary to the diet in west, in Asia, the meat is not still the main course. As the meat is rarer in the Thai cooking, to avoid the deficiencies in proteins, the Thai boxers consume a lot of omelets (Khaï Jiao), practically every day, because eggs are rich in proteins.

The breakfast of the Thai boxer is almost non-existent. Because he gets up very early, at dawn, to go to make his daily jogging. The majority of the boxers run and followed then their training with the empty stomach. But at about 9 am, they take a real meal with often some fried fish, fried eggs, some rice and some soup of noodles.

In the lunch and in the dinner, they eat dishes with some white meat or some fish accompanied with green vegetables. Generally speaking, they eat much more fish than meat. And of course the rice is on the menu of all the meals, this starchy food is without fat, it brings some energy to the body and especially does not make you fat.

So, in Thailand, the very sweet food and the milk products are rarely consumed, Thai are not enthusiasts of the big desserts...




In the Thai training camps the cooks are an integral part some "staff", the owners of camps want their boxers are very well fed. An intensive training with a balanced nutrition will bring necessarily to the boxers of the positive effects!

















The foreign professional fighters have a food different from Thai boxers. But most have a perfect food balance. Generally, except for some exceptions, they follow with strict rigor of the diets.

For the readers of Siamfightmag, several great champions revealed their food habits, the food which they eat during their preparation of fight, as well as their favorite meal!



Youssef Boughanem (Omnoi stadium Champion, World Champion WMA, Tournament Winner 1-King, Tournament Winner Max Muay Thai belt silver, World Champion Venum)


I eat Thai, I eat always at the same time to favor a good cycle of energy.

In the morning, I train in empty stomach, I hydrate only in electrolyte and later I take proteins Iso. I eat only at noon then I train at 3 am. After the training, I take at once proteins 25 gr ISO. In the evening, I eat again a dish.

I hydrate myself much mineral salt as it often loses...

Generally, in the middle of the day, I favor fruits as watermelon, papaya and pineapple.

Three-four times a week, after the training, I drink a juice of coconut.

Twice a week, I eat some fish and once a week, a rare beef steak.

My favorite dishes are "Kaï Katium", "Lap Kaï" and "Kapoaow Kaï".


Jimmy Viennot (European Champion WMF, IFMA European champion, Thai Tournament Champion, France Champion)


I do this diet two to three weeks before weighing the fight:

Morning :

(if 3h before breakfast) Cereals + cheese 0% + fruit.

or so fruit compote (Pompote) + 0% yoghurt or cheese 0%

Noon :

Salad of raw vegetables - small plate - (Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, celery + a tablespoon of olive oil) + 80g dry starch + 120 - 130g of protein (+ compote if up early) .

16:30 (Lite snack):

Stewed fruit (Pompote) + 0% + yogurt cheese 0% + a cereal bar


Vegetable puree or vegetables (cooked carrot, green bean) + 120 -130g chicken or turkey + 1/3 baguette with a tablespoon of olive oil in or 40 g of starch.

Or a lens flat + 120 protein -130g

Evening :

Shred vegetable + fish for the evening (sardine / mackerel) + apple + sparkling water after training, 75cl for 1h.

If during the year I normally eat on Sunday I have the right to eat what I want, but only Sunday...

My favorite dish is lasagna!


Morgan Adrar (WBC Europe Champion, WMC Europe Champion, WFC Europe Champion)


I eat very well-balanced at every meal except once a month when I'm pleased by going to the restaurant or in a snack bar.

I lunch with some milk + oat flake or cinnamon lemon tea. Some fruits as meal (10 am and 16 pm). At every meal, I eat or some white meat, some red meat, some fish with vegetables.

For the preparations before fight, I eat mainly proteins (Eggs, white meat, shoot of soya and turkey breast) in small quantity with also pastas and some rice to beon great form during the diets...

As food complement, every day, I eat wolfberries, cranberries, almonds, spiruline (Up to 5 tablets by days) and I drink some matcha tea.

For the preparations the day of the fight, I add proteinate shakers because a nutritionist follows my food.

My favorite dish is a good Thai meal, the sticky rice, the Som Tam and the Lap Lao!


Crice Boussoukou (SPF World Champion, Venum World Champion, SMTL Champion)


In the morning, I eat oatmeal with honey over an apple.

For lunch at noon, in general, it's green beans more chicken breast with a yoghurt.

The dinner is a tuna salad, corn, tomatoes with vinaigrette.

I take every day as food supplements.

I don't really have a favorite dish, I like all the dishes!


Sandra Sevilla (WPMF World Champion, K1 World Champion, WBC European Champion)


There are quite a lot of things which I don't eat (Milk products, several meats, frozen products where modified).

I think of having had a good food education however I'm greedy rather, thus the compensation which imposes my sport at the level of the weight taught me to pay attention. Especially in sweets and in fats which are rather generous in the home cooking.

I tend to feed on rice and on fishes (Favorite dish especially if it is a recipe of my mother).

For the breakfast, I don't eat much nevertheless we explained me several times that it was one of the meals essential at a sportsman, but in the morning I really have no appetite.

On the other hand, I'm very careful in the lunch and I try that he's complete, in proteins, in carbohydrates, and in fruits...

In the evening, I pay attention because if I have to restrict myself to be for the weight, it's the evening when it's necessary to pay attention!


Malik Aliane (WPMF World Champion, WPMF Europe Champion, WBC Europe champion)


For the breakfast I take oat flakes with some almond milk, freshly squeezed lemon juice that I drink, and a nutritional drink proteinate.

At noon, a salad of raw vegetables with green vegetables and colored, style carrots, tomatoes, with the chicken is sliced or whites cooked in the olive oil and the fruits...

At 4 pm, I take a meal, some coffee and some fruits.

For the dinner, it's a steamed meal, with at will vegetables and fish, the maximum in the week before a fight. The weekend, a dish spiced, style salad of papaya Thai, chicken of curry in the coconut by paying attention not to eat too much rices.

Otherwise for the rest, the 2 liter hydration a day when I have training, and more than 3 liters a day during the training.

My favorite dishes, I have it too much because I'm a big eater (Laughter). I'm not fast food but rather good food...


Abdallah Mabel (WFC World Champion, WAKO World Champion, WPMF World Champion, Winner TK2 Tournament, Winner UKC Tournament)


In period of fight, in the breakfast, I take a natural yoghurt or a white cheese with a cookie.

At noon, starchy foods with some white meat or some fish without sauce.

In meal, at 4 pm, a cookie and before the sport a chocolate bar.

For the dinner, I eat a salad, some meat or some fish, practically never bread. I never eat candies and I drink no sweet drinks, style soda. I drink a lot of water every day.

In period no fight, in the morning I take some milk, cereal, biscuit and fruit juice. At noon, I eat a dish with a little sauce, at about 4 pm a biscuit and in the evening I eat little as at noon.

My favorite dishes are the lasagnes of my wife, the rice to the chicken of my mother and the couscous of my mother-in-law!


Cheick Sidibé (WBC World champion, WMC World Champion, WMF World Champion, FIBA World Champion)


The breakfast :

In times out of competition

Hot Chocolate

Buns sliced chocolate chip

Spread Nutella or jam

Orange juice

Food Supplements:

Azinc, Magne B6, Glucosamine or silica

The breakfast :

In times of competition

Coffee without sugar


Oats Flake

Orange juice

Food Supplements:

Azinc (Vitamin & Minerals), Magne B6 (Magnesium and vitamin B6), vitamin C Cure, glucosamine or silica (Bone and cartilage problems)

The lunch:

In times out of competition

A typical meal

Pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables, fast food

Red meat, steak

Chicken, escalope

Fruits: apple, banana

Drink Coke Zero

The lunch:

In times of competition

Rice, or legs with a portion of vegetables

White meat, chicken or steak


Protein: Whey (Food supplement powder)

Taste before training

Cake, hot chocolate

Taste before training in competition period


Grape Juice + 3g creatine (Booster before training)

Dinner after training

In times out of competition

A typical meal

Pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetable, fast food

Red meat, steak

Chicken, escalope

Fruits: apple, banana


Drink Coke Zero

Dinner after training

In times of competition

Glutamine + BCAA (Amino acids)

Protein: Whey (Food supplement powder)

Before going to bed during competition

Casein proteins (Proteins composed of nitrogen milk)

ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin B6)

My favorite dish is a meal type of my home that is a good Chicken Yassa (Senegalese recipe) prepared by my mother of course!


Xavier Bastard (WPMF World Champion, WPKA Europe Champion, WPMF Europe Champion, IPMF Intercontinental Champion)


I'm a person who likes eating but I watch my food one month before a fight.

In the morning, I eat some whole wheat bread, I drink a coffee but especially I eat a lot of seasonal fruits.

In noon, I take a dish with starchy foods, a white meat and to finish a dairy with a fruit.

The meal where I pay most attention is the one in the evening, I eat the lightest possible but enough to have no lack during the sleep. Generally, the meal consists of raw vegetables, some fish with vegetables and herb tea.

My food changes especially on the quantity and the dinners, I never put salt in my dishes and I avoid at the most the sugar.

With a food without sugars, without too much salt and the morning training and evening, I always respect my weight for the competition, which varies 3 to 5 kilos of my usual weight.

During my preparations, I sometimes have raging hunger but I eat dried fruits and fruits to satisfy hunger between the meals.

My favorite dish they are spaghettis in the bolognese but it's hard for me to eat this dish one week before one fights because when I eat it, I often eat it in the excess (Laughter)

The food limitation is my first fight!

After the weighing, it's real one relief when I swallow the first drop of water or when I begin to eat, it's madman's relief!

I feel great! (Laughter)


Azize Hlali (WPMF Europe Champion, France Champion, Winner of Time Fight)


In the morning, I just take a glass of orange juice for vitamins C, nothing others because otherwise I feel heavy for the morning training.

In noon, after the training, I often eat some rice and pastas accompanied with white meat to bring proteins and starchy foods to be on form for the evening training. And for dessert, I eat apple, a kiwi or another orange.

In the evening, I try to eat very light.

A soup accompanied with a salad and for dessert one or two apples.

When I need to make of the "cutting" (Technique allowing to lose weight and to get back him quickly during a competition), in two or three weeks of the D-day, in the evening, I eat only one or two apples.

It's my diet during a preparation for a fight.

Then, for what is during no training, I usually much snacking...

My favorite dishes are the ones of my mother. Moroccan meals, it's sheer madness, there has no word to describe to what extent they are good (Laughter)!


Yohan Lidon (WBC World champion, WMC World Champion, WKA World Champion, It's Showtime World Champion, A1 World Champion, winner Tournament F1 World Max , winner Tournament A1 Grand Prix)


I begin always in the morning with a coffee or a green tea, a cottage cheese, an omelet and a fruit salad.

At noon, I take a starchy food, a fish or a meat and vegetables.

Before the training, if I have a small hunger, I take a shaker of proteins Isolate from Eric Favre, not to take weight but keep the muscular quality by reloading the muscular batteries.

In the evening, after the training, I eat a fish or a meat with vegetables or soup if the training was intensive.

The similar next day, with a little hydrates, potatoes or some rice.

I have many favorite dishes because I'm a big eater (Laughter)!

For the hot dish, I would say, a beef rib morel sauce with a gratin dauphinois and for dessert, a good toffy ice cream with a small waffle house of the restaurant of my friend Allardon!


Mehdi Zatout (WBC World champion, ISKA World Champion, WMC Europe Champion)


I'm followed by a nutritionist specialized in the sport!

The morning:

I take some rice in a bowl with some almond milk, I don't drink cow's milk, very bad...

A banana was crushed with the lemon and the colza oil, the whole mixed with seeds of linen and sesame which are crushed both, followed by a juice with an extractor, at least I mix three fruits.

At noon:

3 hours before the training.

50 % of pasta or rice

30 % of vegetables

20 % of tuna or chicken and from time to time a red meat

The Evening:

3 hours, minimum before sleeping.

20 % of tuna, fish or chicken

50 % of vegetables

30 % of legumes

Follow-up of a vegetable juice with extractor.

My favorite dishes, I have far too much (Laughter)!


Djimé Coulibaly (WMC World champion, FIBA World Champion, WBC Europe Champion)


During my preparations for the fights.

In the breakfast, I take cereal, glass of orange juice more a glass of fromage frais 0 % of fat.

In the lunch, that varies according to my desires, some boiled rice or beans with some white meat.

At 4 pm, as meal, I take two slices of complete bread with two slices of chicken breast with a fruit if possible

For the dinner, I eat a lot of starchy foods, some rice, beans, accompanied or of a steak or chicken breast and especially I don't eat too late...







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