Interview of JOHANN FAUVEAU by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU : Hello Johann, how are you, well ?

JOHANN FAUVEAU : Hello very well thank

Were you born in France?

I was born to city of Asnières in 92 (suburbs Paris) and at present I lived in 95 in the city of Franconville

How old are you

I am 25 years old

You began the boxing towards which age?

I discovered the boxing at the age of 11. But I meet André Zeitoun which was my professor towards the age of 17 years

You began directly with Muay Thai?

Yes I just had made just a little karate before …

How did you discover the Thai Boxing?

The first fight of boxing which I saw of my life it belonged to Levallois (stadium), it was Jean-Charles Skarbowsky against Kader Marouf (European championship in 1996). And this fight stayed in my memory and gives rhythm to my life so far…

This fight were the trigger point for your boxer's career?

Yes it is this fight which gave me to feel like doing of the Thai Boxing. The courage, the will which has Jeannot (Skarbowsky) during this fight which was very hard urged me to want to be the similar!

Your first gym was the Zeitoun’s Gym?

Exactly I began with André Zeitoun

Your first fight you made him towards which age?

In approximately 19 years

You began by fighting in class C?

Not I remember that with André we left directly for class B…

How much you have fight?

22 fights

How much victory?

19 wins

Have you victories by Knock Out?

I have 15 wins before the limit!

Do you gained a title?

I was three times France Champion Professional

How many fight in Professional?

About 10 fights

You have a few experience in professional but you have already faced some great champion such as Willy Borrel (84 fights, World champion of Full-contact), Rachid Kabbouri (65 fights, Europe Champion) and Farid Villaume (108 fights, 5 times World champion, Europe Champion), it is a big performance, how explain it you?

With my professor in the time André Zeitoun there were quality people in the gym which my permit to progress. I was always very serious in my practice, I’m training several times by days. And André Zeitoun is a talented professor and his talent has me enormously make progress. Its talent more my desire and my will and the luck also, all this allowed me to evolve very quickly…

What was so far your hardest fight?

I remember a fight which I had made in class B during the French championships which stays in my memory. It was against the young boy of city of Nanterre who was called Redwan, it was one very, very hard fight. Then there was Rachid Kabbouri (1 win) and Farid Villaume (1 lose). The first fights against Willy Borrel (1win, 1 lose) also was very hard…

There are champions who inspired you?

Yes naturally. Already the first it is Skarbowsky because I grew with him. I was also inspired by big champions as Ramon Dekkers, Dida and Jo Prestia. And for Thai the reference for me it is Samarth Payakaroon. I appreciate so a lot Bowee, Attachaï and Anuwat

What is your style in Muay Thai Fimeuu, Toymat?

I do not know how I could qualify myself. I try to be elegant, I work my technique a lot. Some says that I am a warrior, I like this term, I try to ally both to be the most complete possible

In more the techniques of Muay Thai you work also your Boxing?

Yes I stressed my work on the Boxing because it was a big weak point

Did you already go to Thailand?

Yes before meet André Zeitoun I had made the decision to leave for Thailand, it was in 2001

You are trained in a camp?

Yes I were in Phuket in the camp of a former big champion "Jomhod (World champion, Radja Champion, Lumpinee Champion)"

You fought in Thailand?

I once fought over there with a victory

Would you like to fight in Thailand in a big event?

Yes of course and last year I had to leave for the King’s Birthday and with the political events (blocking of the airport) I was not able to go there. This year I hope that I shall have the opportunity to go in King’s Birthday…

Do you are interested in the Thai culture?

Yes a lot

I believe to know that you have "sak yant" (Thai tattoo), where have you them make?

It is through a meeting that I had made in the camp of Phuket. He had taken me to see a monk who my tattooed

Do you know Ajahn Keaw the master tattooed of Skarbowsky?

Not but I hope one day to have the opportunity to meet him…

What are your objectives in Muay Thai?

I would like to continue to progress, fighting, to learn. I wish at present would be to meet again Farid Villaume who is a great Champion. I would like to thank him for having agreed to meet me first time and I hope that he will agree to meet me second time. I am opened to any proposition, the important being to fight and to grow as boxer and individual …

Have you fights seen for soon?

I wait for news of the promoter Sami Kebchi who should make me fighting in November. I had an opportunity also in November and in January

Do you know the name of your future opponents?

Not still

Except for the Thailand would you like to fight also in Japan or in Holland for example?

Completely I am ready to travel. It is the occasion when we are a boxer to travel around, to meet people, other cultures. I am ready to fight everywhere…

Are you ready for fight for a title championship of Europe or of World?

I would like to fight for a title, effectively, it is true that a championship of the World I dream about, but I don’t have to shoot ahead but I remain opened to any opportunity…

Do you manage to live on your sport?

It is very hard. The fighters in France are not recognized by their just value. Especially the Thai Boxing which is a discipline which arrived in France 25 years ago and which is still very underestimated by the general public, in spite of the efforts of TV Canal Plus and the promoter Sami Kebchi. But it is the discipline which is going to evolve according to time. Thus it is difficult to live on the boxing then at the same time as my trainings I give some lessons

In what place you give your lessons?

I give lessons to Sporting Club Maccabi of Paris which is in district Republic and in a gym which is called " The Gym " which is situated in the 17th district

Do you want to add anything?

I would like to thank André Zeitoun because I did not have the opportunity to make him, I hope that he will read this interview. In an interview once I have say that things had changed but in fact I always consider him as my father, he raised my and I shall never forget him. I thank him for having taken me where I am there. I also thank the members of my current team who are Olivier Tertadielli, Philippe Michel, Fabrice Allouche and people who help me as Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Jo Prestia who invested also for me. I also thank Cyrille Diabaté and his Snake Team, my sponsors who are Nina Sushi, Wiked One and Kamora. And also Maccabi of Paris, gym of the 17th with Fred and his team which gives me the possibility of living my passion, Levallois, the Boxing, I thank all these people there from the heart…

Thank you for this interview and Chookdee to you!

Thank you very much



Weight: 70 Kg

Size: 1m78

Number of fights: 22. 19 wins. 2 Losses. 1 draw. 15 KO !

Title: Three time France Champion Professional (2004, 2005, 2006)



Lumpinee Stadium