13REANRESORT GYM special report by Serge TREFEU (2006)


The camp “ 13 REANRESORT ” is a small camp with an infrastructure for the muay Thai of most sober but located in a very pleasant environment. It is equipped of a boxing ring covered in the compound, of five bags and all the equipment required for the muay Thai. This camp is at the end of the superb garden of 13 Corners hotel resort. This hotel belongs to the multi-millionaire “ Somchaï Nitivangue ” who holds the chain hotels “ 13 Corners ”.There are more than thirty hotel through the country and even several established in the United States.

Somchaï is the manager of the “ TEAM 13 Reanresort ”. The camp is in the largest hotel of the chain, the “ The Airport Grand Resort ” at the 37/39 Rama 9 Road, Oneself 57 in the district of Suanluang to Bangkok. It makes already several years that Somchaï invested in a team of fighters which makes the pride of its reputation. Sorted on the shutter, there are very few boxers training in this luxurious camp. They all live in the rooms of the hotel and enjoy all the conveniences of the luxurious hotel… Very few foreigners came to train in this camp but Somchaï, businessman above all, accept all the same the farangs in his camp.

A room in the hotel will cost you 500 bahts, for the food, it is necessary to count between 300 and 400 bahts per day and for training 300 bahts. All that of course is to negotiate according to the time that one stays in the camp. And you will maybe have the luck to train with tenors of the discipline. But be careful, under a luxurious framework a gladiator training awaits you! It is directed by the trainer in chief who supervises of a iron hand the camp,it is “ WANVISET NORRASINGH ” (son of KAENDJAI NORRASINGH, great master of muay thai who leads the camp with Ban Deng Noi close to Kon Kaen). Wanviset, former champion, exerted his talents in Jocky Gym during many years! The morning, the exercises are rather quiet. Surroundings one hour of jogging then one hour of musculation in the room of gymnastics of the hotel which is equipped with traditional musculation equipment. The serious training starts around 3:30 in the afternoon and ends at approximately 7 p.m. in the evening! It begins with a jogging then rounds with the bags. Followed by intense rounds with the paos. Sparring in boxing. Then, one hour of hellish clinch. One by one, a fighter must make rounds with several adversaries at the same time every two minutes! Interminable rounds.

After having undergone tens of seizures, projections and blow of knees, the fighters rest just the time to have a massage with ice by the youngest boxers of the camp. Then you will be back again for series of 30 midlles at the paos. Then, one goes to the bags for series of 100 knees. Return on the boxing ring with endless series of abdominals as well as push ups to finish. Lastly, during 10 to 15 minutes, laying down on the boxing ring, the boxers slacken themselves by stretching their tired bodies. But the rest of the warrior is of short time. The “ Spartans ” bank up their tennis shoes to go in position at the end of the concrete track next to the camp.

All the fighters are in line and at the signal of the trainer, they start a race of 200 meters, such as the sprinters of the Olympic Games. They will make five times 200 meters! Finally, the fighters will finish by light musculation in the room of gymnastics of the hotel… This training is daily carried out from Monday to Saturday. Sunday, day of well deserved rest, the boxers enjoy the pleasure a small match of football on the waste ground close to hotel.

This “ dream TEAM ” counts many and very good champions of muay thai such as: SEANCHAI. Current Champion of Lumpinee of - 60 kg, champion of Lumpinee - 52 kg in 1997, champion of Lumpinee - 54 kg in 1998 and champion of the lumpinee - 58,500 kg in 2006, N° 1 all category in Thailand.

PHUJA. Currently classified N° 4 in - 60 kg in Lumpinee and Radja, Champion of Radja - 49 kg in 2003.

KHWANPICHID. Currently classified N° 3 in - 51 kg in Ranting of Thailand and N° 10 in Radja. Champion of Radja - 48 kg in 2002 and - 50 kg in 2003.

DENKIRI. Currently classified N° 2 of Lumpinee in - 55 kg

NINGMONKOON. Currently classified N° 1 of Lumpinee in - 57 kg

KOMKAEW. Currently classified N° 10 in Radja in - 55 kg


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