special report by Serge TREFEU (2008)



Mr. Songchai Ratanasuban called “the golden hand” or “the promoter with the diamond brain” has been one of the largest promoters of Thailand for these twenty last years. After having being a professional boxer, he contributed to the evolution of the muay Thai in his country by organizing prestigious boxing show. Known in the whole world, he is the instigator of the S1 tournament in King' S Birthday of Bangkok which now became an international tournament. He is also a Co-organizer of large official receptions with famous promoters like Kazuyoki Ishii in Japan and Sami Kebchi in France.

He will be a long time promoter N° 1 of the stadium Lumpinee then stadium Radjadamern to end up assembling his own stadium to Bangkok, Bangkok Boxing Stadium. Today he is shouldered by his son Mister Siraphop Ratanasuban says Songchai Junior and his daughter Miss Pariyakorn Ratanasuban called Little Songchai.

The inauguration of the complex Bangkok Boxing Stadium was made on October 28,

2006 in the presence of many personalities. Its capacity of reception is smaller than both large stadium of Lumpinee and Radja but it can receive 1000 people all the same which is almost equivalent to stadiums like the ones of Moochit (TV7) and Rangsit. Equipped with air-conditioning and of a giant screen to visualize the fights, this stadium is really comfortable for the numerous spectators who come to assist every Saturday afternoon to the matches.

The construction of the complex was in fact a restoration of a building which lasted three months. The fights are retransmitted on live on TV Chanel 11.

For now two years the public has attended in mass the boxing show and the punters are always present. Many tourists also come to see the fights.

Indeed, the goal of Mr. Songchai is to make fight in his stadium as much as the fighters of his country as the foreign champions. Of course fight in muay Thai but also in Boxing because Songchai has a TEAM of shock in this field with a luxurious trainer Saen Sor Ploenjit (champion of world WBA).

 In muay Thai great names already boxed in his stadium and the most prestigious is undoubtedly Thongchai Tor Silachai (4 times champion of Lumpinee, champion of Radja, World Champion WMC). As far as foreigners are concerned, the new phenomenon of the muay Thai in Thailand, the young French Antuan Pinto already came to fight in Songchaï’s stadium.

Moreover, it is the only stadium in Bangkok which makes it possible for women to fight on the same boxing ring as men. Moreover many foreign female fighters have already made memorable fights since the opening of stadium.

Within the complex, a superb camp the “OneSongchaiGym” can from now on accommodate the foreigners who wish to improve their muay Thai skills or learn the basis from this sport. Trainers of reputations like Arjarn Charn, Arjarn Somchai and Arjarn Supachai are there to handle the boxers. All the equipment necessary for training as well as rooms await the fighters in this splendid gym. For the moment, the TEAM does not count a great champion but will not remain without any for a long time…

The stadium is in the district of Huaykwang in Bangkok number 100 of the avenue Tiam Ruammit.

Every saturday fights from 2H30 pm with 5pm. The entry costs 1500 bahts.


Infos on www.bangkokboxingstadium.comand



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